We're rebuilding local news — from the ground up.


In the face of crisis, we’re determined and— hopeful.

Across the globe, local news ecosystems are increasingly fragile. In the U.S., newsrooms closed, downsized, and laid off staff at startling rates.  Globally, authoritarian governments, wars and regional conflicts exacerbated coverage gaps, leaving entire communities vulnerable to misinformation.  

Even in this climate, we are delivering innovative, sustainable, and trusted local news.  This year, Report for the World’s continued expansion included five media in exile: Syria, Russia, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, and Myanmar. Report for America continued forging innovative pathways to sustainable futures for newsrooms across the country. 

Our corps members, many of them emerging journalists, are bringing new energy to communities everywhere. Their remarkable persistence, determination and bravery is a testament to the power of on-the-ground, local reporting. Together, they are helping rebuild trust in local independent journalism across the globe.

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In 2023, we supported nearly 300 local journalists in 21 countries, 49 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and Guam, reaching millions of readers.

This is only possible thanks to supporters like you.

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On The Ground

In 21 countries, 49 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico & Guam
Syria (in exile)
The Syrian Investigative Reporting for Accountability Journalism is both a collective of Syrian reporters living in exile and an organization that mentors journalists. SIRAJ is dedicated to preparing Syrian reporters on undertaking investigative journalism both on issues pertaining specifically to Syria as well as globally through workshops and training. They were founded in 2016 and are currently in exile in France publishing reports and investigations about Syrian affairs and political developments.
Russia (in exile)
IStories is an independent Russian website that specializes in investigative journalism. It was founded in 2020 in response to the Russian government’s increased pressure on media organizations. As a non-profit organization, seeks to foster collaboration between regional and international news organizations. As of March 2022, it is in exile with most journalists operating outside of Russia.
Puma Podcast is a podcast production company based in the Philippines that produces a wide range of shows, from podcasts that delve into topics from health and women’s empowerment, to interviews with prominent members of Filipino society and culture. They were the first organization in Asia to have their podcasts archived in the United States’ Library of Congress.
Tribal News Network, is an online news organization that produces online and radio content In Pakistan. Founded by broadcast journalists, TNN’s first bulletin aired in 2013, since then they have moved to digital news and increased broadcast coverage to ten partner stations across Pakistan as well Afghanistan. As well as radio and digital journalism, TNN also produces telephonic bulletins where their audience can call a local number to hear the latest news.
Nicaragua (in exile)
DIVERGENTES is an alternative media, different and focused on narrative journalism, with emphasis on social, political, economic, environmental, LGBTIQ+, gender, indigenous communities and migration investigations. Launched online on June 3, 2020, it bets on long-form journalism to inform and explain the phenomena that affect Nicaragua, scrutinizing public, private, religious and factual powers, to provide citizens with substantiated information that allows them to have more resources to make critical decisions, diverging from what different social actors give as facts.
Myanmar (in exile)
Frontier Myanmar was established in 2015 to provide their audience with comprehensive coverage on post-coup Myanmar. They publish primarily on long form investigative and analytical pieces focusing on current issues facing Myanmar: poverty, oppression of dissidents, and political developments that the country is undergoing. Following the government’s crackdown on independent journalism and the arrest of several of their reporters, Frontier Myanmar is currently in exile in Thailand.
The Public Source is an independent media organization that seeks to produce strong journalism and critical commentary. It is based in Beirut, and covers both local and international issues. They publish bimonthly, and highlight the work of academics, activists, artists, organizers, as well as journalists. It was started in 2020 originally to publish long-form articles but has since broadened due to the ongoing protest actions to include arts and culture and criticism.
Africa Uncensored was founded by Kenyan investigative journalists for the purpose of publishing high quality news stories about Africa as it really is.Based in Nairobi, it focuses on investigative and in-depth pieces to “investigate, expose, and empower”.
El Salvador

“Alharaca” is an insult directed towards a woman that means she is being over-sensitive and over-emotional about an issue. Alharaca reclaims this, providing strong journalism with a feminist perspective that covers the intersection of journalism, art, academia, and technology. Based in El Salvador, this women-led digital news platform covers current affairs and how they affect not just women, but all Salvadorean society.

CIPER-Centro De Investigación Periodistica is a non-profit organization that both promotes and produces investigative journalism in Chile. The organization is founded on the belief that transparency is a cornerstone of democracy, and is funded completely by donations which are open to the public. CIPER was created in 2007 and is a member of the Global Investigative Network. Along with publishing robust investigative journalism, it also offers workshops to help train journalists.
Afghanistan (in exile)

For more than 10 years Etilaat Roz was the most widely circulated daily newspaper in Kabul, establishing itself as a hard-hitting investigative journalism organization, focused on systemic corruption in Afghanistan. But when the Taliban took power, the newsroom was forced into exile. Despite this, Etilaat Roz continues to put out strong journalism that seeks to advance a free press in Afghanistan.


Convoca is an investigative journalism organization founded in 2014 by reporters, data analysts, and programmers in Peru to merge the best of traditional reporting with the intelligent use of databases, a multidisciplinary perspective and new digital narratives to systematically investigate the networks of political and corporate power that affect the lives of citizens.


Quinto Elemento Lab is an independent journalism nonprofit that produces investigative stories that aim to empower citizens, strengthen accountability and help build a more just and transparent society. Inequality, impunity and corruption are still leaving a mark in Mexico. That’s one of the reasons why Quinto Elemento focuses on investigations that shed light on the inequalities, abuses and failures of the powerful as well as the inequality in the exercise of citizen’s rights.


Ukrainska Pravda is an online news and analysis website founded by Georgiy Gongadze on 16 April 2000. Published from Kyiv in Ukrainian, Russian and English, it has become a reference for independent journalism in Ukraine during the Russian invasion.


Launched in 2017, The Citizen Bulletin is a digital-first newsroom that produces hard-hitting longform reporting for the greater region of Matabeleland, south-western Zimbabwe. We cover core news and focus on special-interest beats such as public health, education and environment. We are a fully distributed team that is dedicated to mission-driven high-quality journalism that cuts through the noise.


Átlátszó is the first Hungarian investigative journalism nonprofit and a watchdog NGO to promote transparency, accountability, and freedom of information in Hungary.


Founded in 2011 by women reporters, Agência Pública is the first non-profit investigative news agency in Brazil. Their focus is to investigate the public administration, including all levels of government and congressional houses; the social and environmental impact of corporations and corrupt and anti-transparent practices; the efficacy, transparency, and equity of the justice system; and the violence against vulnerable communities in urban and rural areas. Their reporting has been recognized with over 50 national and international journalism awards. Including the Ibero-American Gabriel Garcia Márquez Award and the Premio Roche Award for Health Reporting.


The Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that combats injustice, holds power to account and speaks for the voiceless. Founded in June 2020, FIJ seeks to uncover the truth by bypassing officialdom and neutralizing propaganda, and making it accessible to the public in a way that eases and influences their everyday decision making.

South Carolina
West Virginia
Rhode Island
New Hampshire
Washington D.C.
Puerto Rico
New Mexico
North Dakota
New York
North Carolina

The News Minute is a digital news platform covering India, with a specific focus on the five southern states of the country. Headquartered in Bengaluru, TNM has ground reporters in all the southern states covering a wide range of issues and events.


Local journalism, national service

Local journalism, national service

In 2023, Report for America placed hundreds of journalists in local newsrooms throughout the country. We focused especially on covering significant news gaps in rural areas, where the need is especially great, and on reporting about under-covered communities. We’ve helped our host newsrooms raise millions of dollars in local donations to sustainably support their work. And we’re diversifying America’s newsrooms as one of the nation’s top recruiters of talented, early-career journalists of color.

Kim Kleman
Executive Director, Report for America

provided to newsrooms in salary support
corps members fielded at 198 newsrooms
corps members identify as people of color
otherwise untold stories published by corps members
of previous cohort stayed in journalism after graduating



Report for America provides local newsrooms with sustainable fundraising tools to thrive in a challenging economic landscape. Since 2019, our team has helped our newsroom partners raise nearly $28 million from their communities.

$7.4 million

raised by local newsrooms in 2023

$7.4 million

raised by local newsrooms in 2023

Making an Impact

Adriana Gutierrez

The Press Democrat in Santa Rosa, CA
Coverage focus: Education and child welfare in California
Adriana Gutierrez
Adriana Gutierrez

Six years after the devastating Santa Rosa Tubbs Fire, four of the five schools that were destroyed in its path were rebuilt. But corps member Adriana Gutierrez found that a school for autistic children was still using cramped portable classrooms, and its 150 students were still enduring incredible hardships. After she profiled the school and documented the roadblocks Anova school students faced just to get an education, a wealthy benefactor stepped forward with the resources to set the school on the path to a new building.

McKenna Ross

Las Vegas Review-Journal in Las Vegas, NV
Coverage focus: Gaming and tourism in Nevada
McKenna Ross
McKenna Ross

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) of Nevada was flooded with an unprecedented number of unemployment claims. DETR paid nearly 8.1 million weeks of unemployment benefits in 2020 alone. However, last year, DETR claimed it paid out too much in unemployment benefits during the pandemic — a whopping $1.4 billion, corps member McKenna Ross discovered in her investigation. This wave of overpayment notices has fueled a backlog of incomplete appeals, with more than 26,000 claims still awaiting hearings and final decisions. In the wake of news about Mckenna’s investigation, DETR fired the official who oversaw the division primarily responsible for unemployment insurance and workforce development.

Riley Board

KDLL in Kenai, AK
Coverage focus: Rural communities in Alaska
Riley Board
Riley Board

In addition to their reporting duties, corps members volunteer their time in their communities, helping student journalism and media literacy flourish through their “service projects.” For her service project, corps member Riley Board created a new internship program at her radio station, KDLL in Kenai, AK where she works with high school students to produce audio content featured on the station’s website. Riley spent last summer teaching audio journalism, interviewing, and storytelling skills. “I worked under Riley and it was fun to work with her,” said Gavin Hunt, one of Riley’s students. “I learned a lot about editing, organizing my tracks, and recording. I greatly appreciate Riley, she is a good instructor. It was a great experience,” said Gavin. 

the World

Local journalism, serving the world

Local journalism, serving the world

With each new season of recruitment at Report for the World, we are forming global cohorts of local newsrooms around beat-focused journalism roles, each of which receives financial support over three-year cycles. We help the media hosting our journalists to deepen their coverage of critical issues, whilst in parallel, providing the journalists with stable employment opportunities in their home countries. Local journalists and newsrooms are uniquely positioned to create accountability in these communities with their reporting, because of their access and intimate knowledge of the topics they cover. They are vital agents in the fight for social justice. They are conduits of our collective impact.

Preethi Nallu
Executive Director, Report for the World

20 countries
including Brazil, Hungary, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Ukraine, and Zimbabwe
host newsrooms
corps members identify as women
media in exile
corps members around the world

Building a Global Corps

15 in 2021
30 in 2022
44 in 2023

Making a Global Impact

Violeta Santiago

Quinto Elemento Lab in Ecuador
Coverage focus: Investigation
Violeta Santiago
Violeta Santiago

Corps member Violeta Santiago of Quinto Elemento Lab was one of the authors of the Narco Files: The New Criminal Order investigation, a collaboration between more than 40 newsrooms in 23 countries coordinated by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP)  that explained how the illegal drug business has modernized and expanded across the globe in the last few years, rendering obsolete many of the counter-measures used by law enforcement. 

Eman El-Sherbiny

SIRAJ in Syria
Coverage focus: Open source
Eman El-Sherbiny
Eman El-Sherbiny

Corps member Eman El-Sherbiny of SIRAJ was part of a collaboration between European and Middle East newsrooms that investigated the sinking of a ship carrying approximately 750 migrants off the coast of Greece, of which only 104 survived. Using open source reporting, El-Sherbiny was able to compare  the testimonies of the survivors, who accused the Greek Coast Guard of causing the boat to capsize in an attempt to pull it into Italian waters, hesitating in their rescue attempts and not showing willingness to investigate the incident. The project prompted the European Ombudsman to open an investigation into the tragedy.

Gabriela Martínez

Conexión Migrante in Tijuana, México
Coverage focus: Migration and gender
Gabriela Martínez
Gabriela Martínez

Corps member Gabriela Martinez of Conexión Migrante uncovered how disinformation in social media by people posing as immigration lawyers and self-styled “influencers” was fueling a scam that promised immigrants at the U.S.- Mexico border help to obtain asylum, work visas and even to cross the border safely, for a fee, only to disappear after the money was transferred. In collaboration with the Associated Press, Verificado, PolitiFact and the Data-Pop Alliance, the project exposed how the scam worked and the plight of the more than 200 victims. 

Our Team

In 2023, our staff of 45 spanned 3 countries and 21 states, bringing a range of nonprofit, operations, and journalism experience. Meet the people who make all this work possible here.

In 2023, our staff of 45 spanned 3 countries and 21 states, bringing a range of nonprofit, operations, and journalism experience. Meet the people who make all this work possible here.

Letter from Our CEO
This year, The GroundTruth Project was determined to be a positive, powerful force in the face of many challenges.
When I stepped into my role as CEO and president of The GroundTruth Project in January 2023, we faced many challenges not very different from other nonprofits coming out of the coronavirus pandemic. Charitable giving was down yet the need for our program was only becoming greater. Newsroom layoffs and closures continued to climb. Misinformation and disinformation’s threat to democracy has only grown. 

Despite so much industry disruption, GroundTruth is eagerly and effectively funding, studying, connecting, and sharing the sustainable news models of the future. Our cohorts of journalists, also known as corps members, are transforming local and global communities right before our eyes. Our entire team approached the year determined to be a positive, powerful force in the face of many challenges. While many newsrooms cut staff, Report for America provided stability by fielding a diverse reporting corps and helping newsrooms raise nearly $6 million in local support. I can’t tell you how heartwarming it is for me to hear from newsroom leaders, over and over, just how much of a game-changer our program has been.

“Her quality reporting helped us punch above our weight — no one expects this kind of in-depth reporting from a small, weekly newspaper,” said Erin McIntyre, publisher of the Ouray County Plaindealer said of her Report for America corps member, and just one of the many rural newsrooms we’ve been able to help grow. “This helped our newsroom become more sustainable and retain our niche as a trusted source of news.”

Meanwhile, Report for the World expanded its global footprint from eight to 20 countries with corps members in 31 newsrooms across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Among them are newsrooms operating in exile to lift those voices that would otherwise be silenced by authoritarian regimes. As a South African partner identified, “It begins with great journalism. That is our key to engaging new audiences, telling new stories, and finding new supporters.”

Strong partnerships not only amplify our corps members’ reporting but also pull supporters off the sidelines. Through collaboration, we’re increasing the scale and impact of beat-focused reporting on the issues that matter most to communities. We’re also bringing new tools to our newsroom partners to help them grow their audiences and revenue.

Of course, all of this work would not be possible without so many of you who understand that without trusted, independent journalism, democracy is at risk. While we reflect here on our past successes, we invite you to support the next wave of our work as we continue to invest in effective, powerful programs to protect our communities and their interests. 

Will you join us?

Thank you. Your support means everything to us.

Rob Zeaske
CEO And President
The GroundTruth Project
Home of Report for America and Report for the World

2023 Donor Recognition

We want to recognize and thank our numerous supporters who gave in 2023, without whom this groundbreaking work would not be possible.
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The Posner Foundation
Institutional Donor
Report for America is blazing the trail in rebuilding the local news industry in the United States by training the next generation of journalists, solving the riddle of revenue generation, and building capacity in newsrooms across the country. We're so proud to support this work.
The Hearthland Foundation
Institutional Donor
Local news plays a critical role in our democracy. It helps us understand and make sense of ourselves and our shared challenges, and helps communities solve problems together. Report for America understands this and is resourcing the newsrooms we need—with talented reporters, professional development, and fundraising expertise—to build a better future.
Katherine L.
Supporter from Hawthorn Woods, IL
Local journalism is crucial to our democracy. Your tireless efforts are appreciated.
Ronald S.
Supporter from Lenox, MA
Just because I still think, deep down that there is a chance we can save our democracy.
Rein V.
Supporter from Ridgeway, CO
``….all newspapers, but particularly the smaller, regional ones, need additional financial support….``
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When it comes to rebuilding local news, every dollar counts. Supporters like you can make a difference in local journalism in communities across the country and around the world when you help us reach our goals. Your support of The GroundTruth Project makes all this, and more, possible.
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Thank you to all our supporters in 2023, who helped us grow when local news ecosystems were challenged in the U.S. and across the world. We are so grateful to have you with us as we restore journalism from the ground up.

Photo credits (in order of appearance): 1. Aryana Noroozi / Black Voice News, Report for America and Catchlight 2. Sam Wilson / Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Report for America 3. Olivia Sun / The Colorado Sun, Report for America 4. Arnoldo Sete / Marco Zero, Report for America